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About Chhindwara

About Chhindwara

District of Chhindwara, in its current state, was created on the 1 November 1956.  The district is situated on the Satpura ranges on lat. /long. 21.0574 degree N, 78.9382 degree E.


The district is close to Maharashtra border adjoining Nagpur and Amravati.  On the north the Narmada Valley are Hoshangabad and Narsingpur Districts, on the east is Seoni District and on the west is Betul District.


The Chhindwara District is area-wise the largest district of Madhya Pradesh. Its geographical area is 11815 sq km and has 11 Development Blocks. According to the 2011 census the population of the district was 20, 90, 306. Since the population growth rate is 17.89 there must be a sizeable increase in the population.

Tribal’s form 35% of the population. Despite this, due to various Government schemes the district has developed well in Agricultural and Industrial fields.


The District Hospital has at present 400 sanctioned beds but the bed occupancy rate is usually higher than 100% the daily O.P.D attendance is between 1000 to 1200, 15 to 20 operations are done daily. In the Orthopaedic Department 50 to 60 plasters are applied daily, along with 80 to 100 x-rays, 30 to 35Sonography, 8-10 C.T. Scans and between 20-30 deliveries. The blood bank supplies 35-40 units of blood to serious patients per day.


Keeping the huge workload in mind the Government of Madhya Pradesh has decided to open a Medical College in Chhindwara to admit 100 students for the MBBS course. The Government of India in its notification of 19-2-2014 decided to upgrade the District Hospital, Chhindwara to minimum 500 beds with due consideration to fulfill norms of the Medical Council of India.  It is expected that after the upgradation of the District Hospital to a medical College Hospital there will be an inflow of patients from neighboring districts of Seoni, Betul, Hoshangabad & Narsingpur.