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About The College And Logo

The College Campus

Situated within the main township, the College Campus is just 2 kms from the District Hospital on the main road. 31 acres of land has been provided for the College Campus.


The main College building has an imposing "L" shape design with an Administrative block Examination Hall, four lecture theatres of 180 capacities each, a large three floor library with a facility for reading on a terrace garden. An open Amphi theatre of 100-150 capacity, an Auditorium with 350 capacity, Departments of Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, Forensic Medicine, Community Medicine, & Microbiology with 11 laboratories, a central research laboratory etc, These have been designed as per MCI norms.




The campus has the following:


  • Guest House with a capacity of 17 rooms.
  • Sports Complex with Football Ground, Badminton Court / Tennis Court, Table Tennis and Gymnasium
  • Dean’s Bungalow
  • Superintendent Bungalow
  • Professor’s quarters
  • Senior faculty block(2)
  • Girls and women interns hostel
  • Boys and men interns hostel
  • Non-teaching staff block
  • Class III workers block
  • Class IV workers block
  • Space earmarked for further New 750 bedded hospital.
  • Enough parking space on the campus
  • Space for facilities like Bank/ATM/Stores/etc.
  • he campus is dotted with “Chhend Trees” a variety of palm trees which we have tried to save as much as possible to add to the aesthetics of the campus.




  1. The Sun and its design:  The revolving sun signifies vibrant energy and leadership.
  2. The wings of the eagle/vulture*
    signify powers of sharp observation so essential in Medicine.  The wings are spread out to represent soaring dreams to take a flight to reach out to the world.
  3. The serpents denote rejuvenation as they shed their skin for new one which is therefore a symbol of healing*
  4. The twin “Chhend trees” (a variety of palm trees):  The name “Chhindwara” comes from these trees, they are in abundance also on the College Campus.  They are swaying to show motion and resilience.
    *Modified from the staff of Caduceus.